Experienced Construction Industry Accountants in Orpington, Kent

Simon & Co offers specialised accounting solutions for medium to large construction businesses in Orpington, Kent, and Bromley, ensuring compliance and financial growth.

Construction Industry Accountants

Why Choose Simon & Co for Your Construction Business?

At Simon & Co, we understand the specific challenges faced by construction businesses. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive accounting services to manage your finances efficiently. With our expertise, you can focus on your projects while we handle everything from CIS registration to monthly returns, ensuring compliance and smooth financial operations.

Our Accounting Services for Construction Businesses

  • We provide detailed financial reports tailored to the construction industry, helping you understand your financial status and make informed decisions.
  • Our payroll services ensure that all your employees and subcontractors are paid accurately and on time, reducing administrative burden.
  • Our tax planning and advisory services help you stay compliant with HMRC regulations and optimise your tax position, saving you money.
  • We offer cash flow management strategies to ensure your business can meet its financial obligations and invest in future projects.
  • Our CIS registration and compliance support ensures that you meet all HMRC requirements, avoiding penalties and maintaining smooth operations.
Construction Industry Accountants
Construction Industry Accountants
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