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Explore the journey of Simon & Co, an accountancy firm rooted in personal experience and dedicated to making tax less taxing for businesses and individuals alike.

About Simon & Co

A pillar of expertise and reliability

Simon & Co sprang to life in 2014, with a mission that transcended the typical expectations of an accountancy firm. Although based in Orpington, Kent, Simon & Co casts a wide net, providing expert accountancy services to clients all over the UK and even reaching overseas.

The firm, while maintaining its local expertise, embraces a global perspective, ensuring that clients, wherever they are, receive personalised, expert, and practical financial advice. The sole objective that guides every interaction and service is to make tax less taxing for every client, by providing clear, actionable, and tailored support.

A little bit about Simon…

Simon Wahab, the driving force behind Simon & Co, is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with a distinctive approach that seamlessly blends professional expertise with a genuine, empathetic understanding of clients’ financial challenges and aspirations.

Driven by a personal mission rooted in his own experiences with a family-run business, Simon witnessed firsthand the challenges and intricacies of managing finances and navigating through the complex world of tax. He was inspired to embark on a path that would enable him to assist others in these challenges.

His personal goal has always been clear: to empower all business owners by helping them understand tax in a way that enables them to make better-informed decisions, ensuring not only compliance but also a strategic approach to financial management.

Why Simon & Co stands out

At Simon & Co, we translate complex tax and financial management into clear, actionable insights. Our clients, from various sectors and geographical locations, have found stability and confidence in their financial decisions through our straightforward advice. Their stories, reflected in their testimonials, speak to the tangible, positive impact of our partnership.

Explore their experiences and see first-hand the difference clear, reliable financial advice can make.

What our clients say…

 After a few meetings with Simon, I felt relieved and on top of my accounting and taxation responsibilities. I now know what to do and how to do it. I know what to pay and how to pay it. I am now able to make better-informed decisions about my business. I would highly recommend Simon and his team.

Boran Hussein
Opus Developments Ltd

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