We ease the probate process with tailored support, ensuring legal and financial matters are handled with care and precision.


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A compassionate approach to probate

In the wake of a loved one’s passing, the probate process can often add an additional layer of complexity to an already emotional time. At Simon & Co, we understand the delicate nature of these moments. Our role is not just to offer professional assistance but to extend a hand of support, providing a blend of expertise and empathy.

Probate, the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate, is intricate. We’re here to demystify each step for you, ensuring that legal requirements are met with grace and precision. Every question is welcomed, every concern addressed with respect and understanding.


Our probate support services

  • Estate valuation – We meticulously evaluate all assets, including properties, investments, and other valuables, to provide an accurate assessment of the estate’s worth.
  • Grant of probate application – Our team aids in seamlessly obtaining the grant of probate, ensuring the authorised and smooth administration of the estate.
  • Debt and bill settlement – We identify and address all outstanding debts and bills, ensuring the estate is managed with financial integrity.
  • Tax assistance – We specialise in calculating and addressing all tax obligations, including inheritance, income, and capital gains taxes, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

  • Asset distribution – We oversee the equitable and lawful distribution of assets to beneficiaries, in accordance with the will or legal stipulations.
  • Beneficiary communication – We prioritise clear and compassionate communication with all beneficiaries, keeping them informed and supported throughout the process.
  • Personalised support – Every family is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, offering a blend of professional expertise and human understanding during this sensitive time.

Let’s navigate probate together

We invite you to lean on our expertise, where technical proficiency meets a human touch. Reach out today, and find a partner in Simon & Co, dedicated to guiding you through with clarity, compassion, and comprehensive support. Your journey to resolution, marked by respect and ease, begins with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to find valuable information on various business topics. Get the answers you need to make informed decisions about your business.

What is probate?

Probate is like a helping hand that guides us in legally and respectfully managing the affairs of a loved one who has passed away. It’s a process where the will of the deceased is confirmed as genuine and official, giving the green light for their wishes on asset distribution to be carried out.

Think of it as a necessary step if your loved one had property or financial assets in their sole name. It’s also called upon when banks or other financial bodies need official assurance to release the assets. In essence, probate ensures that the transition of assets is done orderly and according to the law, honoring the wishes of the departed.

Is probate always required?

Not always. Probate can be skipped if the deceased’s assets are valued under £5,000 or if all assets are directly transferred to a joint owner, like a spouse.

However, it’s important to note that property owned as ‘tenants in common’ does not pass directly via survivorship, but passes via the estate.

How does a probate accountant help me?

Imagine having someone who steps in with expertise and care to navigate the financial intricacies after a loved one has passed. That’s what a probate accountant does. They’re your ally in assessing the value of your loved one’s assets, sorting out the owed taxes, settling any remaining debts, and ensuring that the remaining wealth is shared among the beneficiaries just as intended.

They’re not just about the numbers; they’re about ensuring everything is done respectfully, legally, and with a touch of compassion, making the journey of asset transition as smooth and honouring as possible.

What role does an ‘Executor’ play in probate?

An executor is tasked with obtaining the grant of probate and managing the deceased’s assets. They are responsible for locating and valuing assets, paying off outstanding debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to the beneficiaries as outlined in the will. Each step is carried out with a focus on legal accuracy and respect for the departed’s final wishes.

What happens when someone passes away without a will?

When a person passes away without a will, it’s like leaving a book with blank pages on how their assets should be shared. In such cases, intestacy laws step in to write those pages. These laws outline who the rightful beneficiaries are and how the estate will be divided among them.

A probate accountant becomes a valuable resource during this time, helping to identify the beneficiaries and manage the financial elements of the estate, ensuring that everything is handled fairly and according to legal guidelines.

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